Re: Raben

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 11:03:39 -0700

>4 victories, eh? CO of the Jasta (15, soon to be 18) for just 5 days? Why did
>they call it Jasta Raben? He barely touched it.
After Jasta 15 was redesignated Jasta 18, Raben continued as CO of Jasta
18 until he was shot down. He was CO of 'Jasta 15' for only 5 days, but
he was CO of the actual Jasta (whether designated at 15 or 18) for some
considerably longer period. None of Raben's 4 victories came during the
5-day period the Jasta was designated as Jasta 15 and Raben was CO so far
as I can tell.