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Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 23:38:52 -0700

>Before the olive over aluminum-dope theory, it was thought that the
>F.I's (as well as a few of the first Dr.I's) were olive over
>torquoise/sky blue. That's why you'll see that color style
>As far as von Richtofen's Dr.I, there are a number of paint schemes
>for it. The theory is that it was only all-over red for his last
>flight. Although I'm not a Richtofen "fan", I do believe he flew
>more than one.

OK, according to Vol 4, No. 1 of Windsock, here's the rundown
on MvR's triplanes:

F.1 102/17: Overall doped in streaky light turquiose with the
cowling and wheel covers in dark olive. National insignia were
Eisenkruez on a white field on the upper surfaces. Indentical
to Voss's 103/17 except for the absence of the 'face' on the

Dr.I 114/17: No details on markings or insignia available.

Dr.I 152/17: Streaky dark olive over clear doped fabric on the
upper surfaces, turquiose undersurfaces. Rear fuselage, horizontal
tail plane, elevators, rudder, upper wing surface, wheel covers,
and cowling repainted in red. Undersides of fuselage and tailplane
*may* have been red.

Dr.I 477/17: Red overall with Eisenkruez's w/white outlines in
all 8 positions. Red dope covers all serial numbers and data

Dr.I 127/17 'red upper deck, red hood (?), red wheels, and red
tail' Otherwise, standard factory finish except the rudder is
streaked dark olive with white outlined cross.

Dr.1 425/17 Red overall with white outlined eisenkruez. Repainted
Mar 20 (apprx.) 1918 to change eisenkruez to balkenkruez. Red
dope also covered serial number and data block

>Here's some trivia for ya: Can you name the all-time leading
>tri-plane ace?
Hell (begging your pardon, ladies), I've no idea! Jacobs? Dallas?
J.S.T. Fall? Bolle? (can you tell I'm guessing?)