Re: QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1 (...

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 20 Jun 1995 07:26:51 +0000

Here's Shane's view on the matter:

> GDay Matt,
> Heres my Tuppenny worth
> <
> <Here's some trivia for ya: Can you name the all-time leading
> <tri-plane ace?
> <
> Wild guess you know.
> Bob Little had 35 of his 47 victories in a Sopwith Tripe "Blymph"

DOH (as Homer Simpson would say)! I guess I should have clarified
my initial statement with "leading Dr.I ace". Sorry to all, and
thanks for the clarification, Shane. So, was the
first to give me the answer I was looking for, but Shane gets the
bells for the "correct" answer. Although, come to think of it, I
know Jacobs' had 48 victories; and I think his kill number while
flying Dr.I's was around 30, but I can't remember the exact number.
I think it was right around 30. I know that Jacobs' is the leading
Dr.I ace, but I forgot about Little, so I never checked to see the
exact number he had while flying Dr.I's. My humblest apologies.