Re: Next topic for discussion...

Brian Bushe (
20 Jun 1995 14:15:54 +0100

In <>, Matt Bittner wrote:
>Another topic:
> Currently in Windsock, the discussion has been the colors of Fokker
>monoplanes (E.III, E.IV, etc.) as released from Fokker. The past
>thinking was that the plane was released in all-over natural doped
>linen, with fuselage outlines in black. However, the current
>thinking is that Fokker monoplanes were released in a "green". For a
>good representation of this green, see the cover to the E.III

There wa sa post last year describing british pilots reporting early
e.iii's as 'white', implying the very light natural doped colour. who
posted this info?


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