Re: Next topic for discussion... ("")
Tue, 20 Jun 95 18:47 EDT

> Anyone want to model the Fokker E-III (? or was it II) that
>they covered in CELULOUS???? They were going for the first stealth
>fighter. The glare of the sun striking the plastic covering actually
>made the plane more visible X^P

A few years back at the annual WW1 scale contest at Old Rhinebeck
a guy did show up with an Eindecker covered with clear monokote. Actually
it was a Protor "Antic" which he had heavily modified and it did look quite
convincing from 15 feet or so.
Watching it fly, it DID flash quite a bit as the sun bounced off
the gloossy clear covering, but at cetain aspect angles, it disappeared
(or nearly so) real fast! He flew it quite close in after that.

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