Re: QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1 (... ("")
Tue, 20 Jun 95 18:55 EDT

>Before the olive over aluminum-dope theory, it was thought that the
>F.I's (as well as a few of the first Dr.I's) were olive over
>torquoise/sky blue. That's why you'll see that color style
>As far as von Richtofen's Dr.I, there are a number of paint schemes

What most people miss is that Richtofen's 102/17 and Voss's 103/17
werent PRODUCTION planes at all and not even F1 or Dr-1 triplanes.
They were remodeled V4 preproduction prototypes!

There were BIG differences. If you ever see anyone use a standard Dr-1
kit and mark them as Voss or MVR astound them with these gems.

1: The V4 planes had NO wingtip skids.

2: The cowlings were different than the production run, with the lower
part of the cowling going behind the engine. Thus the cylyinders poked
out of an elliptically shaped "slot" rather than the production horseshoe
shaped cowl.

3: ( the biggie) the STAB was very different, with the angled leading edges
of both sides of the stab being arced rather than straight. Few photos
showing this detail were ever taken. It is quite distinctive!

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