Sopwith Triplane, Sopwith Pup, and Rober
21 Jun 95 12:37:00 EDT

Hello All,

Just prior to Matts' entertaining aside on the subject of Triplane aces I
had been reading up on Australias two highest scoring WW1 aces, Robert
Alexander (Bob) Little and Roderick Stanley (Stan) Dallas who _both_ flew
Sopwith triplanes with the RNAS through most of their fighting lives.

I came across (or re-read rather) two interesting notes.

Little scored his first victory flying Sopwith Pup N5182 which he christened
"Lady Maud". According to my reference the aircraft was restored to flying
order in 1960 and may be the one in the RAF museum at Hendon. I'd be very
interested to know if this in actual fact correct (for some reason I believe
it), and whether it retains an authentic finish. Anyone know?

Little flew mostly in a Sopwith Triplane No. 5469 which he named "Blymph"
after his baby sons' nickname. In a letter to his family in Melbourne he
said that he had painted his aircraft "cardinal red, gold and blue" which
were the colours of his school, Scotch College.

There is no mention of which parts were painted, or any other detail of his
aircraft of which I am aware. However, as an Aussie I'd _love_ to build a
Koster Tripe in his markings. Anyone got any further dope?

No, I don't have the Datafile, Yes, I know its on limited re-release, and
Yes, I have sent some money to Albatros to get a copy !

For the sake of completeness, Little was shot down on a night interception
flying a Bently engined Camel B6318. At the time of his death he was RNAS
"Ace of Aces", though later overtaken of course.

Shane weier
[ "Hey, I built one once" anon.]