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Vincent Price (
Wed, 21 Jun 95 19:28:28 PDT

I remember seeing an ad from a Welsh company for a 1:15
white metal and resin Mk IV male! Cannot find the ad anywhere -
typical! Would be extremely interested if anyone has any additional

Also, I'm in the market for Czechmaster Resins - a bit hard to
come by in Australia. If anyone would like to part with any or offer
a reliable source it would be much appreciated.

I have recently purchased Tom's Modelworks 1/32 Sopwith
Triplane vacform/Resin/White Metal. Has anyone built this kit?

Here's a free advertisement for Pegasus. I called them a couple of weeks
ago and placed an order which I received in 5 working days! All this at a
price 1/3 less than what I pay retail in Australia - basically great friendly service
and, on first go, reliable.

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The only WW1 armor I'm aware of is (and correct me if I'm wrong):

Emhar's Mk IV Male and Female
Tauro's A7V
Tauro's Fiat (which is, essentially, a Renault Ft1)
Various resin, expensive things

Matchbox Renault Ft1 (boxed with the CharBis)
Airfix "WW1 Tank" (I believe a MkIV male)

Any others?

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska

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