Re: model building
Wed, 21 Jun 95 08:19:01 PST

I have to agree that there ought to be more women who are in
the modelling field. The problem is that American culture
traditionally takes this creation/kit/art thing different
directions for little boys and girls. Like Thomasa said, her
female friends when she was growing up weren't introduced
(paraphrase) to modelling. Well, on the same token, how many
little boys were introduced to sewing and can make sense of
a sewing pattern? Which of these skills -- modelling vs.
sewing -- will serve the adult more directly? (I can't see
supergluing my clothes together when they need mending)

So is it the same for other countries? Is there a higher
percentage of women modellers in Australia (or wherever)
than in the States?

Anyway, in order to get women into the hobby, we have to get
girls into the hobby. Sadly, right now there are probably
fewer and fewer youths of both genders who are into it.

When I was growing up, you could buy a semi-decent model for
less than a buck. Now it takes a lot more to get the same
thing. It takes a whole lot more than that to get something
really nice. The whole field has changed. (Now I'm really
rambling) Kids can't put afford those kits.

Besides the money aspect of it, there's the whole image of
it; kids used to WANT to build models. Now it really isn't
a priority.

Anyway, there's my two cents on that. And for those
interested, I'm in Washington State too!!

Stephen Tontoni