Re: QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1 (...

Don Rinker (Rinker)
Wed, 21 Jun 95 23:14 EDT

> Question: weren't the ailerons different as well? If my memory
>serves, they were larger than production Dr.I's (and possibly the
>reason why Revell got it wrong in 1/72nd scale).

The ailerons on 102/17 (MVR) and 103/17(Voss) were almost identical
to the first production run. These early units had a larger balance
ear and were tapered over the last TWO rib bays. After that the
design was revised and the ear size reduced and the taper made over
only ONE rib bay.

THe famous captured Von Stapenhorst machine shows BOTH styles on the
same plane. This occured on other planes as well. One reason being
Fokkers using up of existing stocks, and the possibilty of puting
a larger aileron on the right side to increase even furhter the
triplanes right turn speed............
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