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Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 21 Jun 1995 21:56:33 -0700

>>>They were remodeled V4 preproduction prototypes!

>>According to my sources the three Fokker V.5 protypes c/n 1697,
>>1729, and 1730 were accepted by the German Air Force and given the
>>standard designation "F.1". So, Fokker V.5 = Fokker F.1
>PLease quote your sources ...I think myself, Pete Grosz, Alex Imrie
>and Ray Rimell might disagree.......

Wow! You've got the heavy hitters on your side, fer sur! :-)

But the reference I've got here at the computer is Triplanes
by Bowers and McDowell. I'll get the other two tomorrow.

>>And, while I suppose it's fair to say that the V.5/F.1's were
>>just a modified Fokker V.4, there are at least as many differences
>>between the V.5/F.1's and the V.4 as there are between the V.5/F.1's
>>and the Dr.I.
>What differences???

Ah, hah! (sound of hand slapping forehead!) You and I are looking
at the same aircraft but you're calling them the V.3 and
the V.4/F.I while I'm calling them the V.4 and V.5/F.I
You're using the 'old' designations while I'm using the 'new'

Relying on Peter Grosz as my authority, I quote from Triplanes:

"Also note that for many years, the V.4 prototype has been
misidentified as the V.3 in Fokker histories. The recent
identification of what had been thought of as a modified V.2
as the actual V.3 by historian Peter M. Grosz , corrected the
erroneous designations of V.3 and V.4 for the Fokker prototypes
to V.4 and V.5"

So, apparently the traditional sequence of V.1 ...V.4/F.I
should be altered to V1...V.5/F.I But, with that one suggested
modification, I think we're both right! (But, I would have
caught on faster had you said "V.5? What the blankety blank
is a V.5?" (-: )

Cheers, Bill