Re: model building

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 07:41:44 +0000

Paul apologized:

> Sorry Ladies and Gents
> I forgot to sign my last message, talking about club membership etc.
> Paul Butler

Could someone send this message to me? When I got into my PC, and
started to move my mail from the Unix box, there was something wrong,
internally, with the message. I kept getting a TCP/IP error when
mail got to this message, so I had to delete it from the Unix box.

Anybody a member of the League? I need to change my address for Over
the Front, and all my books are packed, in the bottom of a stack. I
would greatly appreciate it if someone could email me the address to
send to to change your address. Hmm, did that make any sense?

In response to the Fokker E.III green, it's beginning to sound like
an individual machine answer. Or maybe it could have been a later
(or different) batch. Here's a though: maybe in response to the
A-H's inquiry to paint there's green, Fokker decided to keep the rest
the same color. This would then _possibly_ mean that all E.IV's were
green. Specualtion?

Also about why Fokker would paint it overall green, instead of their
_later_ streaky finish, maybe it was hindsight. If you notice, it
appears that none of the D.I-D.IV's were painted streaky, either. If
you look at some of the photographs, you can see where some of the
colors on the D.I and D.II (the rotory powered planes) had some of
the "overpaint" "washed" off because of the castor oil being thrown
from the engines. It doesn't _appear_ that they were streaky.

I too would agree that WW1 colors need to be taken with a grain of
salt. Even when pilot's would later tell of what they _remembered_
their planes to be colored. They could have had "faulty" memories.

There's also another saying I like when someone disputes how I
painted a WW1 model: It's painted as in a transition period. How
can they refute that?:-)

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska