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John (
Thu, 22 Jun 1995 12:09:05 -0500 (EST)

>The ailerons on the F.I and the early Dr.I's were identical.
>They were changed from the smaller to the larger ailerons
>a short time into the Dr.I production run sometime in
>October, 1917 around number Dr.I 130/17 or so.

>The asymmetrical ailerons on the Revell kits originate from
>the drawings of one particular triplane, Dr.I 144/17...

[some deleted]

>.....Presumably Revell used one of those sets of drawings when it
did its two triplane kits.
>Actually, everyone should have realized the starboard aileron
>was a recent replacement - the end of the eisenkruez had not yet
>been painted on to the aileron when Stapenhorst was captured.
>There's a photo on page 21 of the "In Action" publication which
>shows Stapenhorst's triplane and the missing tip of the cross quite

>As a small side light on this whole aileron business, the 1/72
>Revell kit mold was originally made in England. The kit, as
>originally released in England had some rather serious inaccuracies
>in the fuselage but it had the correct symmetrical ailerons. When
>the mold was shipped to the US for US production, Revell cleaned up
>the mold to correct the fuselage but, at the same time, changed the
>ailerons to the incorrect old/new asymmetrical arrangement which
>has persisted until the present.

>Cheers, Bill

I was interested in this thread because the Revell (AG) 1/28 scale
DR.I kit arrived at my house just the other day. The ailerons on
this one seem perfectly symmetrical. Maybe they cleaned it up
_again_ when this mold went back to Germany.

By the way; does anyone know of any aftermarket details, photoetched
parts, decals etc. for any of the four 1/28 scale planes that are
available (Revell & Hobbycraft DR. I's, Revell Spad XIII and Sopwith
Camel)? I've heard that Foto Cut has etched-brass barrel covers for
the DR I. Spandaus - anything else?

John Cameron