RE: Airfix Fokker Dr.I
23 Jun 95 07:59:00 EDT

Awwwwwrrrgghhh Steve,

You swine. Please consider me to have my electronic eyes closed during
this thread. I _know_ its not a great kit but I loved them dearly as a lad
learning about WW1 airplanes. I'll just have to ignore you and keep my
childhood innocence unsullied :-)

< *How many defects can be identified in that ancient Airfix 1/72 kit?*
< , I'll start:
< 1) Too many rib positions in the wings(!).
< 2)
< 3)
< 4)
< and so on....

Just kidding. Have fun. Then we can have another much shorter list of
what's right in the Glencoe Albatros !