RE: Re: WWI Battleships and Such

Brian Bushe (
23 Jun 1995 13:44:34 +0100

In <>, Vincent Price wrote:
>I remember seeing an ad from a Welsh company for a 1:15
>white metal and resin Mk IV male! Cannot find the ad anywhere -
>typical! Would be extremely interested if anyone has any additional

The Firing line had examples of a 1:15 mk iv at the southern expo,
london, in april. it was big and mainly photoetch. it was also #150.

>Also, I'm in the market for Czechmaster Resins - a bit hard to
>come by in Australia. If anyone would like to part with any or offer
>a reliable source it would be much appreciated.

in reply to this and Shanes enquiry earlier, i am more than happy
to get and mail on anything available in the uk at cost. i make weekly
trips to Hannants and have been keeping an eye out for the second hand
stuff requested on the list. czechmaster certainly is stocked by
Hannants and Eduard seems to come here b4 anywhere else. note that
eduard started off at very good prices (#10 for eindecker) but
recently has been inflating rapidly (#20 for hannover). i don't know
what the postage would be.

i'm away for the next two weeks, scuba diving in the Maldives, so give
me an idea of what you want and we'll sort something out when i get

bad luck about the world cup.


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