Fokker Dr.I kits

23 Jun 1995 13:03:13 GMT

To all interested in 1/72 Fokker Dr.I's:

One of our last posters was questioning why the 1/72 Revell kit wasn't
being talked about since it had been recommended as the best 1/72
scale version to him. (I was making fun of, and going on about the
Airfix kit).

Well....My suggestion of listing everything wrong with the Airfix kit
was 'tongue in cheek', knowing full well it's a 'dog' - only suited
for a proper burial in a landfill somewhere! (along with the molds for
it!), and that the Revell version is FAR superior. (though not without
faults of it's own). I was just feeling sorry for myself (again) that
there wasn't a better Dr.I in 1/72 scale available and looking to
point out how miserable this situation really is!.

Anyway, point well taken on the suggestion that we use the opportunity
to post articles on correcting the 'old dogs' rather than dwelling on
whats wrong with them. Having said that, everyone gather up your old
unbuilt Airfix Fokker Dr.I kits along with a can of gasoline, some
matches and head out to your nearest flat hard spot and
know...I'll wait...:-)

Done?, good!

There!.., now we can concentrate on the only (halfway) decent Dr.I kit
in 1/72 scale on the market = The Revell version. I plan to be one of
the first contributors on how to correct this kit (as I've done it
EIGHT times already! - another reason I don't want to do it again!)
Anyway, about four years ago I wrote an article for the IPMS Chapter &
newsletter: "Twin Cities Aero Historians" in Minneapolis, MN (insert
homesick puppy dog look here). I will dig it out and re-post it here
sometime within the next few weeks. It's kind of long, so it may be an
'attachment' MS Word document (is that okay Al?).

Perhaps others have written step by step corrective articles on other
plastic kits they could re-post too?

Steve H. (The Mad Norseman!)