Central Powers Fabric Decals

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Fri, 23 Jun 95 16:44:00 EDT

A quick review of the two latest decals that are out for 1/72
WWI modellers of German and/or Austro-Hungarian aircraft.

The first is from Blue Rider Models, Sheet BR234.
The sheet is titled - Sworl Camouflage for the Albatros D.III (OEF):
A 1/72 scale decal sheet set for four Austro-Hungarian Albatros
D.III(Oef) fighters with a unique printed fabric camouflage.
The four aircraft are Franz Peter's 253.05 of Flik 3J (with the
red ying/yang emblem on the fuselage), a Polish aircraft from 1919-20,
253.64 "White 6" of Korp. Geza Keisz from Flik 42J (pictured in the
Windsock Datafile on the D.III (OEF), and last 253.217 from the Polish Air
Force, Warsaw, 1921.
All the individual markings for the four aircraft are contained on one 5 1/2
inch square sheet, with an additional 5 1/2 by 6 7/8 sheet for the Sworl
fabric. Printed 4 5/8 by 5 5/8inches in size as one large piece, Blue
Rider states in the instructions that there is enough fabric to build
two of the schemes shown. Both sheets have a glassine/waxed paper cover
layer, and with the instructions are contained in a zip-closure bag.
Blue Rider recommendsusing their conversion kit (BR110) with either
the Esci or Revell Albatros D.III to use this set.
It looks very well printed, and after you use it you will not only
have an eye-catching model, but possible proof that the Swiss did not
invent LSD!

The second fabric decal out is from Pegasus Models, titled "WW1 German
Five Colour Printed Lozenge Camouflage.
There are two sheets per set, each individually bagged. 12 rib tapes
are provided, each 7 3/8 inches long, and the four fabric strips are the
same length and 3/4 inch in width. These are patterned after the Silberstrief
GmbH reproduced lozenge fabric, which was created in recent years for the
restoration of three Halberstadts in Germany. One decal is in the "pinkish"
tones for the undersurfaces, while the remaining sheet is the dark tones
for the uppersurfaces. (I will not discuss lozenge at this point, my
life is too short as it is...) As with the Blue Rider decals, there is
a cover paper between the decal and the bag for additional protection.
While this sheet is also in 1/72nd scale, the Jan/Feb issue of
Windsock indicates that it will be available in 1/48th soon.

I am impressed by both sets, and I tip my hat to both companies
for their mind-numbing work at the drafting table and computer
screen to develop these for the fanatic out there.

I ordered my Pegasus sheets direct from the UK (they take Visa/MC)
and the turnaround was very quick. I must mention that although
my Blue Rider sheet was locally purchased at the Washington DC/Silver
Spring, Maryland Squadron Shop, Blue Rider also responds very quickly
by mail.

And as I have plastic awaiting "skin," I am not interested in parting
with my examples. - Sorry.
Anyway, those are my quick thoughts. Hope this helps someone out!
- Brian Nicklas