Re: Sopwith Pup kits

Joseph R. Boeke (
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 12:28:46 -0400 (EDT)

On 24 Jun 1995 wrote:

> I'd prefer to build it as N5182 "Lady Maud" ( If anyone has any
> information about it at all please, please let me know)
> My question to the group is this: Any hints or tips on either kit? And
> setting aside the question of "master scale" versus the rest, is the Airfix
> kit really as nice as I remember from my last attempt 10 years (?) ago?

Well, I am not going to be very helpful here, but I just bought the
Airfix model ywo days ago (great minds think alike?). I can't comment on
the 1:48 (because I am a 72nd-head), but as far as the Airfix model goes,
it is pretty clean (ejector pin marks on the upper surface of the lower
wing, and lower surface of the upper wing). The pilot figure is crappy,
and the cockpit, wheels & engine leave something to be desired, but of
course, there are aftermarket parts for all of these.

I suspect that the wings are a bit thick, but because I don't have a copy
of the Datafile Special yet, I can't really comment on the accuracy of
the model. This kit is probably going to be number one or two on my to-do
list (after I finish moving).

I haven't decided which plane to model yet, but I was thinking about the
RNAS plane which shot-down Zeppelin L.23 (if I can find some
references). This planne took off from a platform towed behind the RN CL
HMS Yarmouth, and I was wondering if anyone has any references on these
"sledges" (I was thinking of scratch building one on a sea scape for a
display base).

Does anyone have the Datafile Special on the Pup? Does it have pictures
any of these lighters?