Another Eduard Hannover question

Bill Shatzer (
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 01:00:50 -0400

Well, it finally arrived at my local hobbyshop and while the
price was a big gulp, the kit looked so fine that I gathered
up all my cash, my Visa card, and my checkbook and bought one.

Going through my usually post-purchase fondle, two questions

1. What the heck is part 64 - the large circular 'gizmo' with
the semi-circular cut-out which mounts right below the radiator?
Some sort of radiator baffle or what? I suppose it displays
my ignorance, but I'd never noticed that on any of the photos -
not that it's in a spot that would show up well on photos in any

2. Isn't the alternative decal scheme of of the CL IIIa with the
big arrow on the side the Hannover forced down by Rickenbacker?
I seem to remember (though I can't find the photo now) that that
aircraft had a soft-sprayed mottled camouflage on the fuselage
while Eduard depicts the fuselage as hand-painted lozenges. Is
my memory going, did Eduard screw up, or was there more than one
Hannover with this arrow on it?

Cheers, Bill

Bill Shatzer - -