Re: Another Eduard Hannover question

Mark K. Nelson (
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 17:05:57 -0700

>1. What the heck is part 64 - the large circular 'gizmo' with
>the semi-circular cut-out which mounts right below the radiator?
>Some sort of radiator baffle or what? I suppose it displays
>my ignorance, but I'd never noticed that on any of the photos -
>not that it's in a spot that would show up well on photos in any

British Drawings of a captured aircraft show the 'gizmo'. It is a radiator
baffle - used to vary the airflow through the radiator to prevent the
engine (and coolant) from getting to cool or too hot, depending on the
local temperature.

>2. Isn't the alternative decal scheme of of the CL IIIa with the
>big arrow on the side the Hannover forced down by Rickenbacker?
>I seem to remember (though I can't find the photo now) that that
>aircraft had a soft-sprayed mottled camouflage on the fuselage
>while Eduard depicts the fuselage as hand-painted lozenges. Is
>my memory going, did Eduard screw up, or was there more than one
>Hannover with this arrow on it?

I think Eduard may have screwed up. Perhaps the person(s) who beat me to
the last copy of the Windsock Datafile could enlighten us. . .

>Cheers, Bill
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