Re: Sopwith Pup kits
26 Jun 95 09:33:00 EDT

Gday' Mark,

You said:
>The Pup is supposed to be one of Airfix's best. The kit scales well, the
>only corrections being to details. The Windsock Datafile Special lists all
>the required corrections, and has many color detail photos of the Pup on
>display at Hendon.
>The back of the color sheet in the Eduard 1/48 Hannover shows a 1/48 Pup
>kit in the future!!!

I don't have the Pup datafile :-( Better track one down I guess.
Can you tell me from the photos of the Pup at Hendon what the is the serial
number of that a/c?

I have built the Airfix Pup twice before (it is 20 years old this year !).
>From memory the necessary changes are adding the exhaust channel, cutting
out a notch in the fuselage rear (where it has no fabric covering) ,
correcting the stringers either side of the fuselage to represent the
checkerboard look of the prototype and removing the aileron horns from top
of upper and bottom of lower wing. Plus of course the usual fining of
trailing edges and reducing of ribs. Again from memory, the moulded engine
is not bad, but an Aeroclub replacement would most likely look superior.

Maybe this is a case for Matts "kit improvements list" idea ?

I read the "announcements" in my Hannover with interest. I'll definitely
buy a couple of Pups if the price is similar to the single seaters rather
than the Hannover price !

[ "Hey, I built one once" anon.]