Parts Idea
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 21:55:01 -0400

For anyone who has had trouble finding those "automobile type" control wheels
for WWI and prewar aircraft, I've found something in a model railroad catalog
that may help. Precision Scale Company makes three four spoke brake wheels
that appear to fill the wheel gap admirably. They are available both in
plastic and brass, and are HO scale, which at 1/87.1 is close to 1/72. They
may be useable in 1/48 scale also. The parts numbers and descriptions are as

Brass/Price Plastic/Price Description
31636/$2.25 31637/$1.75 Brake Wheel, 12" dia
31123/$2.25 31124/$1.75 Brake Wheel, 13" dia
31121/$2.75 31122/$1.75 Brake Wheel, 22" dia

The prices are for packages of 8 plastic parts or 6 brass parts. I ordered
them from Walthers Teminal Hobby Shop, 5619 W. Florist Ave., Milwaukee, WI
53201-3039, USA, phone 1-800-487-2467. They publish an annual catalog which,
while not inexpensive at 17.00, may have some other parts of use to WWI

I used the small wheels in my Esoteric Curtiss F Boat and they look
pretty good.