UUEncode (was Re: Fokker Dr.I kits)

Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 08:20:02 +0000

On 23 Jun 95 at 21:41, Jess Stuart wrote:
> FYI uuencode is a UNIX utility that converts binary information to
> ASCII. Please trust me on this, I'm a computer science consultant. You
> can't send any binary information by email unless its converted to ascii
> first.
> Perhaps we could have an ASCII text post for general use, and an
> encoded post for anyone who wants the MS Word document.

There are version of uuencode/uudecode for DOS/Windows (and probably
MAC as well). If you know where these two sites are (or their
mirrors), you can get a DOS version from the Simtel repository, and
the Windows version from CICA. I've used the Windows version -
called WinCode - and its greatest assett is that it's free. A
wonderful, full version of this type of software.

Just so everybody knows, I will post my document to correct/modify
the ESCI/Revell Nieuport 17 in parts. The first part will -
unfortunately - be the largest. This part will be correcting the
basic Nie17. The other parts will be the modification to other
"types". The original document is written in MS-Word, but I also
have access to WordPerfect. For those who wish to have the
original, email me _privately_ as to which version you want (Word or
WordPerfect, or even ASCII), and I'll uuencode it and email it to
you. Note that you will have to have access to some type of
uuencode/uudecode system.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska