Re[2]: Eduard Hannover Question
Mon, 26 Jun 95 08:05:49 PST

I went to my local hobby shop on Saturday and the price for
the Hannover that everyone has been talking about is US$40.

So I looked at an open kit and said...... No. Too much,
sorry. I like all the brass, the micro tubes, the white
metal, but really.... $40 for that? The Eindecker was $25 as
was the Morane Saulnier type N (actually $22.50). The
DML/Dragon kits are similarly priced, and they have much
crisper molding. I know the fit ain't great, but the product
in the end is worth it. What are we getting for an
additional $15? Lozenge decals? The Hansa Brandenberg has
wood grain decals --which are much harder to find-- and I
bought it from another modeler for $16.

Have to draw the line somewhere, I guess.

Maybe I'm griping on a Monday morning, or maybe this is the
same old thing -- another model company that's pushing
too damn hard.

Stephen Tontoni