Re: Fokker Dr.I kits

Randy J Ray (
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 09:42:57 -0600 (MDT)

>> *Please* just send ASCII. This may come as a shock to an Internet-based
>> mailing list, but some of us don't do PCs. I need something UNIX-readable.
>> Randy
> FYI uuencode is a UNIX utility that converts binary information to
>ASCII. Please trust me on this, I'm a computer science consultant. You
>can't send any binary information by email unless its converted to ascii
> Perhaps we could have an ASCII text post for general use, and an
>encoded post for anyone who wants the MS Word document.

I'm quite well aware of what uuencode and uudecode are. I, too, have a bit of
experience as a UNIX professional. But that does not change the fact that
MS Word is a PC utility, and operates on a non-text file format. The text is
in there somewhere, but without MS Word or a really good filter, you can't
get it. Maybe you have MS Word or a good filter for UNIX, but I don't, and I
am probably not the only one. Your last suggestion was best: if folks want the
MS Word, OK. But send ASCII as well.


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