Re: Sopwith Pup kits
Mon, 26 Jun 1995 23:29:20 -0400

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> don't have the Pup datafile :-( Better track one down I guess.
>Can you tell me from the photos of the Pup at Hendon what the is the serial
>number of that a/c?
I hoped someone would answer this one earlier, as I was too busy at the time
to dig into the rat's nest which I call my photo collection. The number of
the Hendon Pup appears only on the rudder fin and is A.8226. The fin is
painted white on the front half and red on the aft half and the number is
painted in the opposite color to the background. Very complex in appearance.
The pictures stink in quality, partly because neither the lighting nor the
positioning of the aircraft were very good, but also because I was suffering
from severe sensory overload. The shots were taken in 1988, and I have no
idea if the plane is currently in the same markings.

Eli Geher