Re: Sopwith Pup kits
27 Jun 95 15:54:00 EDT

GDay Eli,

Thankyou for this info.

>I hoped someone would answer this one earlier, as I was too busy at the
> to dig into the rat's nest which I call my photo collection. The number
>the Hendon Pup appears only on the rudder fin and is A.8226. The fin is
>painted white on the front half and red on the aft half and the number is
>painted in the opposite color to the background. Very complex in
> The pictures stink in quality, partly because neither the lighting nor the
>positioning of the aircraft were very good, but also because I was
>from severe sensory overload. The shots were taken in 1988, and I have no
>idea if the plane is currently in the same markings.

I have since had a look at a book by Ray Rimmel (World War 1 Survivors)in
which he says that the Hendon Pup is an amalgam of parts from several Pups.
This seems quite likely when you read the history of it in that book. BTW
, I wrote down the marked serial number for reference (was reading in the
bookstore) and lost the piece of paper - so you are still my only source on
_that_ subject :-)


[ "Hey, I built one once" anon.]