Welcome Thomasa

Lionel Kearns (Lionel_kearns@sfu.ca)
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 00:31:35 -0700

> I am in the process of building my
> first WWI plane. It is a SE5a kit made by the Guillows Co.

Well that is great news for us golden age rubber powered scale enthusiasts.
There ARE a few of us here with that kind of interest, in spite recent
discussions being dominated by the tiny scale plastic folks or the large
scale radio controled flying aficianados. I have interests in both these
areas, but I have to confess that my heart is still fixed on the medium
scale stick and tissue models. I wonder how many of us have similar
(secret?) interests? Where is Graham Collins, with his 20 - 30 inch
wingspan models, or his peanuts (13" wingspan) and the pistachios (8"
wingspan) flying models, who use to hang out on this list? If you are
there, give us a shout, Graham.

And Thomasa, is your Guillow SA5a going to take to the air? Tell us how it goes.