Re: Speaking of WW1 armor...

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 07:26:20 +0000

On 26 Jun 95 at 23:43, Bill Shatzer wrote:

> 54mm scale *is* 1/35th, and 54mm figures are pretty much standard.
> Don't know how much WWI stuff is available, but for the Brits, at
> least, is there that much difference between the uniforms, weapons,
> and accoutrements (sp?) of early WW2 and those of WW1?

Although I can't answer that about British uniform changes, there
are some WW1 figures in 1/35th you should be aware of. Tauro - the
same company that puts out the A7V in 1/35th - have a whole German
tank crew. Granted, if you can't get them on sale, they're in the
price range of $15-20 a piece. I think they might have released
figures for their Fiat (an FT17 clone).

In an issue of Scale Modeler - or even the late Military Modeler -
there was an article where somebody put a Whippet in a diorama with
figures. If you could find that article, you might be able to get
the source. When I get unpacked (if I ever do:-(), I'll look it up
for you.

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