Re: WW I vs. Other Models

Tue, 6 Jun 1995 07:35:38 EST

>ways it is even worse in the R/C flying model arena. Near as I can tell we
>have a choice of a Proctor kit or a Glen Torrence Dr1 on the high end or a
>Flair kit on the low end. The high end you need to bring a very healthy MC

I don't think things are quite so dire. Balsa USA has several WWI subjects and

VK kits are still sold. Think about how many WWII kits that are available that
P51s or Spitfires and things don't look any worse for those wanting a WWI kit
to build.

>open to us. I think this discussion has touched upon one of the major reason
>why more kits are not available. Rigging. While the Flair models do not
>require it, one feels a bit compelled to put it on! Daunting. I think this

Yep...while the static guys have to do the rigging in a much smaller scale,
do it only once. We tend to have to do it every time we go to the field :-)

>A buddy of mine insists that WWI modeling (at least as it pertains to R/C)
>runs in about a 7 year cycle. They get popular and then interest wans and
>picks up again.

And it must be picking up. Do you realize that there were nearly as many WWI
planes at this year's Top Gun as there were jets?

Cheers --- Larry