Re: WW I vs. Other Models

Tue, 6 Jun 1995 07:43:57 EST

> Anyway, does anyone else have other ideas why we don't see more WW I
> stuff at our IPMS chapter meetings, or on contest tables, despite the
> quantity sold?

Demographics possibly? The suggestion has been made that lots of WWI kits
are being sold but they don't show up at competitions. Is it possible that the

subset of people who compete aren't the same subset that buy WWI kits? What
the demographics of an IPMS meet. Mostly people under the age of 30? Mostly
people who don't have much of a sense of history beyond 10 years ago maybe?
I'm not being perjorative here. But I've found that young folks, including me
when I was
one, are so tied up in the present that they haven't had the time to reflect on
the past,
and certainly not a past that's 8 decades ago. What is the mix of modern jets
planes in at these meets?

Another thing may simply be temporal. I'm not an avid plastics modeller but I
get the Squadron catalogs and so have followed availability over the last few
Seems that most of the really nice WWI kits are fairly recent phenomena.
Possibly they
simply haven't made their way through the building queue and onto the
competition table

Cheers ---- Larry