WW I vs. Others again

06 Jun 1995 08:54:08 GMT

More WW I model thoughts....

Erik mentioned that we WW I aircraft modelers may have some
extra/exposed detailing to do; (Engines, Cockpits, & Rigging), but we
also have in SOME areas less fussing & detailing than, say WW II
aircraft modelers do; (Wheel wells, & Canopies to name two areas). So
is the extra exposed detail required a major reason so many are bought
and so few shown?

Erik had another good point on the reason why these kits are built but
rarely entered in contests, or shown. I doubted this the first time
that I heard it from some other source - but having heard this same
comment from three different persons now I may be forced to re-think
my own opinion on this...

On a different topic, someone mentioned the new kits to be released by
Meikraft Models this year. A tantalizing list to be sure! As a word of
warning, I am STILL waiting for the Lloyd Triplane Meikraft announced
back in February of 1992! I sent money on a pre-issue offer, to be
sent that following June, and here it is over three years later and no
kit. My recommendation is DON'T SEND ANY MONEY until you are POSITIVE
the kit(s) are available. After repeated inquires, Meikraft is very
resistant to returning the money sent. I've given up on them, and
written off the money sent...

Steve H.