Re: Power for R/C Models

Guy Fawcett (
Tue, 06 Jun 1995 08:31:00 -0600 (MDT)

1/5 Bristol F2B 19 lbs Super Tigre 2500 Required 3/4 throttle for cruise and
full throttle for aerobatics. Excess throttle didn\t provide for much of an
increase in speed but climb improved.

1/4 Nieuport 17c 14 lbs Super Tigre 2500 Way too much power, half power was

1/4 Fokker D VIII 16 lbs Astro 90 on 36 cells with belt drive, Aside from a
wing loading problem (converted half way through from a glow model) the power
was perfect.

(Not mine) 1/5 Curtiss Jenny 11 lbs OS 120 four stroke, Flies well on 3/4
throttle and will do aerobatics at this setting.

and your current project

1/6 RAF SE5 7.5 lbs Astro 40 geared, not flown yet but given weight and wing
area the plane should be similar in performance to other projects that fly
quite well.

Hope this is what you are looking for Paul. Flight behavior is really a
combination of factors the most important being wing loading and in the case of
WWI draggy airplanes low speed thrust. For biplanes you should aim at around
18 oz. per square foot and a the largest diameter prop that will produce 30 to
40 mph in theorectical air speed as a starting point.

If you have more questions jsut ask between Larry Marshall and myself we might
be able to answer them.

Tally Ho