Re: Re[2]: Observations on the State of the hobby

Randy J Ray (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 09:51:59 -0600 (MDT)

Well, we just finished a show here in Denver. I missed Charles' commentary,
but I was pleased with the WWI showing. Remembering that WWI is just not as
popular a subject as WWII, we had not just enough entries to fill the
category (yes, we give it its own :-), but some really high-quality entries,
at that. And in the collections category, a dizzying array of 1/48 Fokker Dr.I
kits from Denver's resident fabric-fanatic (not to be confused with Charles
here, who lives further north).

I think Denver is perhaps lucky in that aspect. Even before Charles moved
up near Boulder and dropped by a meeting (now if I can only get him to come
to another one, HINT HINT :-), we have a guy in the club who is fanatic about
WWI, but not pushy. When you go to him, as I did, curious and wanting to try
one or two for fun, he'll point you to the nicer-done and more affordable
kits in the scale you prefer. He'll give you a list of references to chase
down, or share what he has with you.

As a result, our club now has more people build WWI. If you count me (despite
not having actually finished one yet), the number of known WWI-builders has
at least tripled in the last year or so. (That is to say, we went from one
to three :-)


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