WWI 'show'-ers

Erik Pilawskii (xopowo@u.washington.edu)
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 16:19:50 -0700 (PDT)

'Ta Chaps,

Well, this whole discussion has got my wind up, now. I feel like I've
been contributing towards a mild disservice to WWI modeling (or, perhaps,
a *service* in my case!) by not taking my beloved Wired-Wonders to
contests. Thus, I have decided to take the plunge and 'show' a Morane
Type N Monoplane (1/72, of course) at the next IPMS. Perhaps it will take
forever-- darned detailing-- but who cares?
Maybe it will help convince others to start showing their WWI stuff (by
making them feel that, in comparison, they can't do any worse, no doubt...).
In any case, I'll feel better. If I can find someone with a camera, I'll
shoot a pic and ask Al to scan it in.
"*Who are you*!?...." "I am Number 2..."
"Who is Number *1*?!" "You are, Number 6...."