Re: Nungesser's 17

Mark K. Nelson (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 20:54:26 -0700

>Well I am alomost to the point of need to cover, paint and mark my 17.
>Originally it was to be a Bishop replica. But I have the the nifty skull,
>coffin candle insignia from Nungesser in 1/6th. Thus i would like to do his
>plane. But so far the only color info I can find is in _Nieuport Fighters_
>and it talks about his plane, 1490, from 1916 being done in green/brown camo
>with an undefined pattern. Sounds easy! Sheesh! Seems to me I have seen his
>markings on an all silver 17 at some point in time. Any help you folks could
>toss my way would be *GREATLY* appreciated!

I'm assuming you have both volumes of Albatros' "Nieuport Fighters."

The only photo I could find of any of C.N.'s Nie.17s are of the camo job N1480.

The old ESCI (&etc.) kit of the aluminum-doped Nie.17c in 1/72 shows a
scheme very similar to the shots of C.N.'s Nie.17bis & Nie.25, but with the
tri-color on the upper wings only, with red to the inside (but no tricolor
on the lower wings or fuselage.) I've also seen this scheme in some WW1
aviation books from the 60's I had from the library a couple of years ago.