Re: Nungesser's 17
Tue, 6 Jun 95 23:26 EDT

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Seems to me I have seen his
markings on an all silver 17 at some point in time. Any help you folks could
toss my way would be *GREATLY* appreciated!

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Nungesser flew N.1865 for a Lonnnggg time as an N-17C1 model. This was
in aluminum dope and had the simple outline type heart and skull on the
sides. Later this plane had the tricolor bands added to the top wing.
/ / / / \ \ \ \
/ / / / \ \ \ \
c/l of wing
N.1865 was later completely rebuilt as an N.24bis model. Basically what this
does is add strenghtened wings with leading edge ply capping both upper and
lower wing on the top surface about 20% of the chord. Also the fuse was
"rounded" by added false formers and stringers along the body sides.

This ultimate Nungesser machine sported alum finish, A beautifully done very
three diminsional appearing skull ,candle and coffin painting on the sides.
At various stages, this plane had the tricolors on the top wing, then the
top and the sesgui wing, and finally in a diagoanl band aft of the cockpit.

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