Re: WWI Spad Colors
Wed, 7 Jun 95 16:00 EDT

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Could anybody steer me to a good reference work regarding the colors one
expect to see on a French Spad. Or what colors in general one could expect
find a Spad painted?

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SPAD colors can be a real rats nest! First you have to have a pretty
specific model and escadrille in mind before getting down to it...

In general the earlier SPADs like the 7 were a color very much like
light straw. I was at the Musee de la Air while Guynener's machine
was being rebuilt and got a close up look at the fabric.

The other well known schem is the traditional 5 color irregular
camolflage schem all over the upper surfaces. This is two
colors of green, two of brown, and black. The undersurfaces were
done either natural or blue/white.

A VERY good set of color samples ( real paint on chips) is avail
able thru WW1 Aero , 15 Crescent Drive, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Tell Leo I senyt you. Cost 10.00 for 12 chips.

Ive compared these to actual pigment paste made for the NASM restoration
of their SPAD 13 " Smith IV" and they're identical.....

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