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>>Nungesser flew N.1865 for a Lonnnggg time as an N-17C1 model. This was
>>in aluminum dope and had the simple outline type heart and skull on the
>>sides. Later this plane had the tricolor bands added to the top wing.
>> / / / / \ \ \ \
>> / / / / \ \ \ \
>> |
>> c/l of wing
>>N.1865 was later completely rebuilt as an N.24bis model. Basically what this
>>does is add strenghtened wings with leading edge ply capping both upper and
>>lower wing on the top surface about 20% of the chord. Also the fuse was
>>"rounded" by added false formers and stringers along the body sides.
>>This ultimate Nungesser machine sported alum finish, A beautifully done very
>>three diminsional appearing skull ,candle and coffin painting on the sides.
>>At various stages, this plane had the tricolors on the top wing, then the
>>top and the sesgui wing, and finally in a diagoanl band aft of the cockpit.
>Ah perfect! Flair shows the tricolor chevron on the plans and the number
1865. I wasn't sure whether this came from an actual C.N. aircraft or was
something they "composited" together from other interesting schemes!
>Do you know if any 3-views and color photos or published color drawings
exist of the N. 1865 17? I can work from the plans but the judges kinda want
better docs!
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