Re: Meikraft Models
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 20:15:23 -0400

Greetings all- I know I and others have [rightfully] been bitching about the
vapor kits etc from Meikraft. I had ordered an Albatross CIII and a Siemans
Schukert DI last July and sent the money. When I bitched about lack of
delivery he [John Meikrantz called me at work a couple of times to explain
his problems- he's really a fine guy- but I finally wrote him a forget the
lloyd tripe etc- just send the kits I paid for last July- lo and behold on
Tuesday the SS D.1 arrived with a promise of the Albatros coming when the
mold gets repaired. I think we have to encourage Mr. M. After all he gave us
the Caproni bomber-[Who can afford to build this- its strictly a fondle]and
he might just get adventurous enough to go for a Gotha Ursinus or an Ilya
Muromets- [now that's really a fondle !] Cheers- Gerry McOsker Newport R.I. -
Building sooooo slow--