RE: WW I vs. Other Models

Jon Rettinger (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 21:09:33 -0300

>>Erik hits it another factor centre too - time. Apart from a Hurricane I
>>built over an 18 month period (lunacy) my WW1 models take at least 3 times
>>as long to finish at something like my competition standard. No biplane
>>ever gets done quickly. It takes real patience to finish one and not
>>everyone wants to wait so long to get their kicks. This may also explain
>>why every WW1 modeller I know has a stack of projects on the stocks at any
>>time - if you get fed up, work on something else.

I think I have to agree with that argument. I am the only WWI enthusiast in
our (R/C) model club out of 42 members. I have asked several of the members why
they don't try WWI scale. Each and everyone answered with "....too much rigging.
... takes too much time setting up in the field". Some also mentioned that
of the light wing loading of most WWI birds, flying in the winds, common in this
area, is too much of a hassle. I guess this is why I enjoy this mailing list so
much, I am able to share my enthusiasm with others.