Re: Nungesser's 17

Douglas R. Jones (
Thu, 08 Jun 1995 09:21:02 -0500

> I checked an old Datafile I have (number20) "Nieuport 17". On the back
>cover is a colored photo of guess what??? serial no. 1490!!!


> The colors are described as: "Upper surfaces camouflaged in random sprayed
>areas of Deep Green (Methuen 29E6) and Brown (6F5) with under surfaces and
>narrow upper surface outlines to flying and control surfaces in aluminum.
>No upper wing roundels. Natural metal cowling and, possibly, roundel blue.
>Disposition of camouflage is speculative." I guess you can read that last
>sentence as "undefined pattern".

Everything helps, thamks!

> Hope this will help some. BTW where did you get the 1/6 Nungesser insignia?

I need to make them still :-( I have a 1/6th scale drawing for them so
making either paint masks or printing them on decal paper (or the like)
shouldn't be too hard. If you are interested I could probably scan the
insignia and fin numbers and mail them to you. Or maybe Alan would stash
them in the web page.

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