Re: WWI and Japan

Erik Pilawskii (
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 09:14:01 -0700 (PDT)

> I've recently converted the guy who works at the local hobby shop to WWI
> models. I was there today talking with him and the conversation turned
> around to Japan and WWI. Does anyone know anything about the Japanese Air
> Force. Rick said he had heard of a Spad 13 in 5-color camo with Hinomarus
> (wasn't sure if they were bright or dull red). I check Jane's and they had
> photo's of a Sopwith Schneider,Maurice Farman aeaplane and the Short
> seaplane. The article list 30 Nieuports, 25 Spads, 50 Sopwiths and 200
> Farmans with German engines plus a few misc. types. Can anyone point me in
> the right direction?
Hmmmm.... Extreme caution is due here: The National marking for Holland
at this time was an *orange* "hinomaru" (solid color disc), which, on black-
and-white film, is completely indistinguishable from red. In the Dutch
LVA museum at Schipol there is an example of precisely this type of machine--
5 color SPAD XIIIc with orange discs.
I don't recall the service of SPADs in the fledgling Japanese Army Air
forces (the Navy was supplied with British machines of slightly later
design), but it could have been. In our local museum there is a most
excellent source on the matter, which I will try to examine on Sunday.

Let ya know, Erik
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