PD Decals News - buy now or miss out (ma

10 Jun 95 14:34:00 EDT

Hello all,

I have had a letter from Peter Roberts (the "P" in PD Decals) telling me of
PD Models future plans for WW1 decal releases.

Briefly, the news is very bad. He started by telling me that the current
WW1 sheets (2 of SPADs, one of Fokker D.VIIs) in both scales are the worst
selling items in their entire range. To make the point he tells me that the
1:48 Bristol Beaufighter sheet outsells them all, and the only kit is a
lovely, but difficult, vacform by Falcon.

They had decided to cease production of the current WW1 sheets, and shelve
well advanced plans for several others. As a result of my pleading he is
_reconsidering_ dropping the existing sheets, but did _not_ commit to
keeping them going.

I find this all very sad, as they are currently the only Australian decal
maker with _any_ WW1 sheets, and all 3 sheets are rather good. My advice
is, if you want them, and see them, buy NOW. You may not get another chance,
and who knows, a small jump in sales might be enough to convince him to keep
them on the shelves.

BTW, Peter is a keen WW1 fan and every bit as dissappointed as I am that
the WW1 line is a dog. He had some very tasty ideas on the line which we
may now never see. Rats.