WW I model thoughts....

C.P. Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 20:31:19 +0000

On 6/5/95 Steve Hustad wrote :

>> 2) Reference material is not that available. Lets face it, Information
on WW I stuff - relative to almost ANY other era - is practically
non-existant! (I'm still appalled at the number of people on this net
who are unaware of Windsock magazine and Windsock Datafiles. Or worse,
are aware, but do not subscribe! Windsock being about the ONLY reliable
source of accurate information). So I think the dearth of reference
material is A BIG deterent to those starting a WW I kit - especially to
those who may be just trying to start out in this era.

I would make an addition to this line of thought. There is
information out there that I have not seen referred to much on this list,
the publications from the Society of WW I Aviation Historians (i.e. OVER
THE FRONT) and the Cross & Cockade Society in the UK. (Note to Al: why not
post these on the publications section of the WWW page ??). These are
groups that produce quality journals with, unfortunately, small total
circulations (perhaps 2500 copies per issue). This is outstanding
reference material for the modeler and certainly puts the subjects of our
models in historic perspective. These groups deserve the support of all
interested in WW I aviation. Personally, I am amazed that with such small
circulations these groups manage to remain in print.

For Cross & Cockade (GB) the address is:

Membership Secretary
Cross & Cockade International
Lowe Cottage, Saltonstalls Lane
Luddenden Dene
Halifax, W. Yorkshire HX2 7TR

The membership rate for this year is 17 pounds sterling (=US$27.00).
Credit card payment of dues is accepted. An added bonus is the offer of
all back issues on sale to members at HALF price, plus shipping. You do
need to buy at least 10 volumes to take advantage of this however and a
check is required for this purpose. This is a really good offer to obtain
some primary reference information on the machines and men who flew and
maintained them.

I don't have the OTF address in front of me, but will try to put it in
another post.

A third source of information is the "1914-18 Journal" published by a
group in Australia. I have not seen an example of this but am working on
getting a few copies. Hopefully Shane can post their address.

This is literally a "golden age" of research on WW I aviation and a
lot of material is being published for the first time. With the
availability of electronic communications among individuals with interests
such as this group, the publications of such specialists groups can reach a
wider target audience.

Charles Hart