The Australian Society of WW1 Aero Histo
13 Jun 95 10:46:00 EDT

Hi all.

Charles and others have mentioned a number of sources of research in our
particular field. I have recently received the following document from the
Secretary of the society. It is copied word for word, so includes references
to membership forms which are NOT included. If you are interested I suggest
(as did the society secretary, in a covering letter) that you contact me as
I'm quite happy to follow up any enquiries at this end.

I know little more of the journal than what has been publicised in various
issues of Windsock, but am subscribing, and will buy whatever back issues
are available. A report will follow when I have had a chance to review the





The Australian Society of World War One Aero Historians is a small,
predominantly Australian group of enthusiasts based in Sydney. We have few
overseas members, mainly because we can offer the greatest value to those
able to attend our meetings and participate in our activities. We are not a
'subscriber' type organisation but an active historical society and
membership is by application.

The foregoing is not meant to discourage true enthusiasts but an honest
attempt to deal fairly with enquiries from overseas. After reading this
Information Sheet, should you still be keen to join us, please complete the
enclosed Application Form and return it to the Secretary treasurer at the
address below.

The following is a summary of what the Socity can offer overseas members:


The Societies principal publication is "The '14-'18 Journal", which is
published annually. It comprises some 100 pages of original articles and
illustrations contributed by our members. Produced by the photocopy
processs, it nevertheless maintains a high standard of text and artwork. the
journal is printed in November of each year and supplied by airmail to
overseas members.

Print runs are limited and production is confined, in the main, to supplying
the immediate needs of our membership. Back issues are soon taken up and
stocks are usuallu exhausted within two years of publication. Enquiries as
to the current position should be directed to the Secretary at the address

Newsletters, covering current Society activities and items of topical
interest are mailed quarterly to all members. Currently averaging some
twelve pages, they also feature short articles covering a range of WW1
aviation subjects, eg historical research, book and magazine reviews,
modelling hints, members wants and swaps, etc.

Overseas members receive all Society publications by air mail.


In the past (ie. from the societies inception in 1962 until recent times),
we carried out an extensive program of interviews with ex WW1 aviation
personnel. They were recorded on audio tape and later written up for our
Journals. These audio tapes have been collated and catalogued and now,
together with other material, form a usefull research tool available for
borrowing by both local and overseas members.


On joining, each member receives a copy of the current membership list and
becomes eligible to receive all subsequent updates. Correspondence between
members is encouraged and the Society maintains a data-base from which we
can put members, sharing the same interests, in touch with each other.


Overseas membership fees UK/USA/CANADA -(Aust.) $35.00
Others on application

Back Issues of Journals (incl. postage) UK/USA/CANADA -(Aust.) $20.00
Others on application


All remittances should be made payable to the society and be in a form that
can be readily negotiated at our Australian bank. Acceptable instruments
include: bank drafts, American Expree International Money Orders, and Thomas
Cook Cheques. There are two essential requirements for the remitting

a) It must nominate an Australian bank _and_
b) the amount must be expressed in Australian Dollars.

The above cannot be stressed too highly. Remittances which do not comply
will have to be returned.


Keith Keohane
3 Alkira Circuit,
Narraweena NSW 2099