Re: Publications on WW1 Modeling Home Page?

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 20:58:38 -0700

Al: OK, here's my 'blurb' on "Over the Front". Hope
you find it useful and worthy of inclusion on your
home page. Cheers, Bill

"Over the Front" published by the League of World War I
Aviation Historians.

Membership in the League, which includes the subscription
to "Over the Front" is $37.

Highly recommended journal published four times a year
covering all aspects of the 1914-1918 air war. This bound,
soft covered journal typically runs 96-100 pages per issue
and contains 6 to 8 well illustrated articles with many
previously unpublished or seldom published photos.
The articles cover such items as WWI aviation
personalities, unit histories and markings, WWI aerial tactics,
aircraft profiles and development, and aircraft
markings, insignia, and camouflage.

Address is:

Membership Secretary
League of World War I Aviation Historians
P.O. Box 2475
Rockford, IL 61132-0475

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