Re: WWI and Japan

Mark K. Nelson (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 22:04:02 -0700

The Windsock Datafile 32 - Spad 13 has 1 picture of a Jap. SPAD on page 25.
The caption implies that photos of SPADs in Jap. service are very rare.

You can tell it's not Dutch by the writing on the fin! (looks like: ?? 13?
only with Jap. writing where the ?s are.)

Camo looks like most other SPADs, but the fin is a solid color (tone is
similar to the dark green camo portion) with a large serial number (18794)
with the 'secret message' above. The fuselage hinomarus is positioned
roughly half a foot behind the exhausts and is roughly half the diameter of
the fuselage at that point.