A&E's Red Baron

Tue, 13 Jun 1995 02:04:40 -0400

Just finished watching it and it was really good. Lots of wartime photos and
newsreel clips, readings from his memoirs and interviews with a number of
experts. Neat photos of some of his trophy cups and his trophy room covered
in the serial numbers of all the planes he shot down. All of the film, as far
as I could tell , were actual wartime stuff and not from the post war movies.
Touched on Boelke and Lothar von Richtofen. And credited Brown with his
death, but mentioned the Australian gunners on the ground.

If anyone is interested in copies, please e-mail me. Or you can order
straight from A&E for 19.95 plus $3 shipping.


Best quote: "This guy had balls." - Dan-San Abbot.