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Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 09:16:06 -0500

>Just finished watching it and it was really good. Lots of wartime photos and
>newsreel clips, readings from his memoirs and interviews with a number of
>experts. Neat photos of some of his trophy cups and his trophy room covered
>in the serial numbers of all the planes he shot down. All of the film, as far
>as I could tell , were actual wartime stuff and not from the post war movies.
> Touched on Boelke and Lothar von Richtofen. And credited Brown with his
>death, but mentioned the Australian gunners on the ground.

I too very much enjoyed tis program. Overall the quality was good and the
footage, especially the aerial footage, was quite good. I was a bit
bothered by their showing film of D-VII's and talking about Richtofens early
flying career. I suppose most wouldn't notice but film of D-VII's when
discussing 1915 and 1916 was a bit misleading! Just a small nit really.

The writers and historians interviewed did a great job of explaining the
man. I think this was one of the real strong points of the show. Rather than
concentrate on his kills they focused on what he was like. His motivation,
upbringing and his markmanship skills. They brought out how after being shot
down his mood and demeanor changed. They subtly inferred that he knew he was
on borrowed time. They also did a nice job of discussing how important he
and the other German aces were to the people of Germany.

Another interesting point that was brought out was his treatment after
death. He was autopsied and buried with honors. I would bet very very few,
if any, other pilots were treated the same way!

>If anyone is interested in copies, please e-mail me. Or you can order
>straight from A&E for 19.95 plus $3 shipping.

It would be worth having!

>Best quote: "This guy had balls." - Dan-San Abbot.

I agree!

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